DIY Guinea Pig Graduation Hat

I graduated recently. Of course I had to do a graduation themed photoshoot as well. A lot of people asked me how to make the tiny graduation caps I used. They are super easy to make and all you need are a few items and about 10 minutes. Continue reading to find out how they are made!

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In Loving Memory Of Archie

In Loving Memory Of Archie

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Flying Candles Photoshoot

Today I did a photoshoot with Mieps, Archie and flying candles. Yes, you read that right FLYING candles! The candles are actually very easy to make, there is a downloadable .pdf file on how to make them yourself at the end of this blogpost. Continue to read more about this magical photoshoot. 

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The Daisies Photoshoot

I take you behind the scene of the photoshoot with daisies. This photoshoot was really easy and you can do this yourself too! All you need are flowers and a pretty model. 

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Improve Your Photos With Three Easy Tips

You don’t need an expensive camera to take great photos. The best camera you have is the one that’s with you at the moment. So even your phone can be the best camera in the world. Just keep these three tips in the back of your mind to improve your photos instantly. 

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