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Guinea Pig Photography Guide - Digital Download

The Guinea Pig Photography Guide will help you take cute photos of your guinea pigs or other pets. 

Get inspired to take your own adorable photos of your pets.


This digital 48 page guide will contain:

- General photography tips

- 10 photography ideas (including how to set up the setting, behind the scene photos and items you will need)

- General editing tips

- Step by step editing of one image


A (dslr) camera is preferred to take pictures with, but you will get plenty of tips and inspiration if you're a smartphone photographer.


When you buy this guide, I will send it to you via email (.pdf) as soon as possible.


When you receive the notification 'your order has been shipped' I have send you the .pdf via email. 

Guinea Pig Photography Guide - Digital Download

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Guinea Pig (Daily, Weekly and Monthly) Care Sheet

Unlock the secrets to being a guinea pig pro with our comprehensive Guinea Pig Daily, Wheekly and Monthly Care Sheet! 


Whether you're a new guinea pig parent or an experienced enthusiast, this downloadable and printable care sheet is your ultimate guide to providing the best care for your furry friends. 


Perfect if you're going on vacation and you leave your piggies in the care of someone else or if you live together and want to make sure the piggies don't get their vegs and snacks double! Although I'm sure the piggies wouldn't mind the latter. �


You can print this sheet as many times as you want and for the monthly sheet there is 1 empty colom that you can fill out yourself. �️✉️


This digital download is perfect for all guinea pig owners, whether you're looking to enhance your own care routine or gift it to a fellow cavy enthusiast. 


Don't miss out on this invaluable resource that will empower you to provide exceptional care for your adorable guinea pigs. Get our Guinea Pig Care Sheet today and embark on a journey of love and companionship with your furry pals!


When you purchase this item you will receive a digital download for you to print at home. You will receive a A4 format and a Letter format.

Guinea Pig Photography Guide - Digital Download

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