Behind the Scene - Books photoshoot

''The piggy reading club''

I was finally able to take a decent group photo with the new crew. This image with the books is something I created in the past as well, but I thought it would be fun to recreate it. 

EXIF: Nikon D750 | iso 500 | 1/250 | f2,8 | 85mm

I had so much fun creating this image! I was very lucky the piggies sat sort of still for about 7 minutes. I really like the perspective from slightly above the piggies instead of on eye level. It's a bit different than how I usually shoot. In this blog I will explain what you will need and how to tackle the editing proces.


This is a very easy setup to recreate and you do not need a lot of things. Go to your local thrift store to get some cheap books. I used 20 books of different sizes in total.

You will need:

📷 Books - not your favourite books, the pigs will destroy them;

📷 Maybe some items to decorate in between like flowers, faerie lights or glitter. I kept this image clean for once except for some glittery stars;

📷 A reflective screen - I forgot to use one and I regret it. You can tell that Mies' left eye doesn't have much light in it and with a reflective screen it would have had a spark of life. 
📷 A tripod is easy to use with this photoshoot, but it is not a must have.


With a group photo it is nearly impossible to get all the piggies in focus at once. Or they would have to be lined up perfectly. What I usually do is I snap a photo of all the pigs in focus and I use photoshop to put the images on top of each other. 

I used these two photos on top of each other in Photoshop. It might be hard to see in such a small image, but the first photo has Mies and Lies in focus and the second image has Wies in focus.


As you can see in the back of the image I had some space left open without books. I noticed this halfway through the photoshoot. Luckily this is an easy fix! When I thought I had my shots with the piggies I moved some of the books to fill up that space in the back and took a new photo.


In Photoshop I lay this new image over the one with the piggies and blend it together with a layer mask. Please note that your camera has to be in the same spot for this to work easily. You can put your camera on the ground, but I would recommend using a tripod. 

Here is a part of how I edited this photo. This video is sped up. I always start with putting all the photos in one file to blend them together into one image. For this image that was the photo of Lies and Mies in focus, of Wies in focus and of the books in the back of the image. After blending the photos together I start working on enhancing the colours, contrasts and so on. 

EXIF: Nikon D7200 | iso 160 | 1/500 | f2,5 | 35mm

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