Behind the Scene - Books and Glasses

''Clever piggy''

I´ve had this image in my head ever since I scrolled through my old photos of Mieps and the crew to look for photos to use for her heavenly birthday post. I really liked the idea of using books because I am quite fond of reading. An additional advantage is that it is very easy to create a fun set up with books. In this blog I'll let you know what items I used and I show a behind the scenes photo and my camera settings.

EXIF: Nikon D750 | iso 320 | 1/400 | f2 | 85mm

This was such a fun image to create. I was inspired by an old photo of Mieps on my garden table surrounded by books and with some cute glasses on. Mies was such a good piggy model. Lies didn´t feel like posing, so I only got 1 photo of her that´s in focus.


This is a very easy setup to create yourself. Go to your local thrift store or look on Facebook Marketplace to get some cheap books. I bought the tiny glasses on Etsy a while ago. But if you look in your thrift store for doll glasses you´ll probably find some cute ones too.

You will need:

📷 Books

📷 More books

📷 Not your favourite books though

I used around 12 books of various sizes and clours in total. 

📷 Reflective screen to light up the shadow side. I placed mine on the right on the opposite of my light source (windows)
📷  Tiny glasses or other props
📷  I used some wooden snack boards as a underground because I liked them better than the laminate


As you can see I worked quite close to my window to make sure I had plenty of light to work with. I used a reflective screen on my ´´shadow side´´ - so on the opposite side of my light source - to ensure I had a light in Mies´ eye on the right side of the image.


I wanted to create a magical vibe with a vintage touch. So I used a very low aperture to create a blurry background and an overall soft image. I always focus manually on the eyes to ensure they are in focus. In Photoshop I played around with the colours and light a bit to make this final image.


The choice of props also helps to create a magical vibe. I used vintage, worn books for this setting. You can imagine the final photo would look very different if I had used new books. 


Something I would have done differently is I would have put the opened book on the right side which is on the floor much closer to Mies so it would have been visible in a square format as well. I also would have put some pages of the books close to my camera on the left side to create a blur with the page and to balance the image. You can see I did create a blur with a page in the bottom right corner in the first image in this blog. I regret not doing it on more places so I could have used them in different spots too.

EXIF: Nikon D750 | iso 320 | 1/400 | f2 | 85mm

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